What is MUMOKI?

February 16, 2021

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MUMOKI is about kindness.
Kindness to others but also kindness to yourself.

I believe there are 2 versions of self:
First, the person who you are “supposed” to be. That woman is pretty, with blow dried hair, no pimples, selfless, a giver. She has a clean house with no dishes in the sink, lots of money in the bank, lives minimally and definitely doesn’t yell at her kids to get them to put on their shoes.

In contrast to that, there is the woman who, most of the time, you actually are. Your reality is unwashed hair, you feed your kids cereal for dinner, and the laundry hasn’t been done and is now overflowing.

The gap between the 2 is where we need to learn to be kind to ourselves, be understanding and show empathy towards others.
ESPECIALLY as women.
ESPECIALLY as mothers.

It’s not a destination you will arrive at but the freedom your body and your mind will have to move through this stage of our life, in the best possible way. This is where MUMOKI sits. We want to provide you with the information and resources to bridge that gap and help you learn to love yourself and learn to accept the mess.

And I was inspired to launch it because…

When my first son was born I felt lost. And not just emotionally, literally too. I couldn’t go out with him without a full scale nappy change disaster. I thought that surely there had to be a way I could get out & about, and still maintain some sense of a social life without the stress of feeding a changing. And that’s where we began. With a directory to help find the best cafes, hotels, parks and more to get out & about with our kids.

But as our children have grown and changed, so too has the business. So beyond just a directory to get out and about, our mission has become to build a website that cultivates a more meaningful community both on and offline in an increasingly lonely and stressful world.

With mental health issues rising and rates of loneliness increasing in a society that’s “always on,” we believe that taking a break and cultivating meaningful friendships is a crucial part of what wellness means for parents, whether that means getting in some “me time” with a good book, getting out of the house and grabbing a coffee, or rounding up friends for a fun girls’ night out.

Best advice I have received as a mum who also happens to be an entrepreneur…

While I’m writing this, I’m heavily pregnant with low iron levels and I’m tired. So the best advice I’ve heard definitely has to be cut yourself some slack.

Today I dropped my son at daycare and had a nap.
It started as a quick meditation and turned into a full on sleep.

At first I felt guilty.
Which is ridiculous when you think about it.
But I think that’s pretty common for mothers.

Taking time out to do something for yourself rather than for others feels…. uncomfortable.
But at the end of the day, you have to take care of yourself.
Because your family is at it’s best when you are at your best.

The biggest challenge I have faced has been….

When I first came up with the idea for the website, my son was only 6 weeks old. By the time we launched, he was a bit older but I was overwhelmed by everything we had to do and everything I had to learn to run the business on top of being a new mum.  If i thought I was busy before, this was going to require a whole new level of productivity.

I thought that having my son was a disadvantage when setting up my business. But the second I turned that idea on it’s head and started thinking of it as my greatest asset everything opened up and the path became so much clearer.

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