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Everyone knows someone with a baby.  Either you are a parent yourself or you are a babysitter, a friend, a brother, an aunt, a cousin or a grandparent. Regardless of your relationship, you still understand the amount of preparation that goes into getting out and about with a baby.

This really hit home when I had my first baby back in 2015.  The first time I went out with my son he was 6 weeks old and it was just before Christmas.  It turned into an absolutely disaster.  To give you an idea of what happened, I had to buy us both new outfits to wear home….  After vowing to never go through that experience again, I went out in search of a solution to help make going out easier and less stressful – and came back with nothing.  From this, the idea for The Out & About Baby Company was born and with the launch of this website, my goal is to help you feel in-control, relaxed and hopefully able to enjoy your time out with the little ones.

While the mission of parenting may be timeless, the journey looks different than it used to. Thanks to a mixture of cultural, societal and technological changes, today’s parenting landscape is increasingly varied, and the very definition of family has expanded. Families come in all shapes, sizes and genders. Mums are having children later in life and dads are more involved than ever. Layered on top of all of this, mobile-first twenty-somethings are becoming parents for the first time and bringing their tech-savvy ways to bear, all while children’s voices are gaining influence at home.

The Out & About Baby Company is your mobile directory where you can recommend and review the best cafes, restaurants, parks, play centres, hotels and more all around the world to help you get out of the house and explore somewhere new with your children. The website will help you find your closest, cleanest and most comfortable baby change facilities, safe play areas, or somewhere to get a good cup of coffee based on your current location or unique search options.  The website will also allow you to plan trips in advance.  So the dilemma with your mother’s group about where to go next week, or how on earth you will cope traveling interstate to visit family, is all solved with just a few simple quick swipes of the thumb.

By creating a community and offering a service unavailable anywhere else, The Out & About Baby Company can become an essential part of your everyday routine, helping you make decisions on where to go and what to do with your children, all while encouraging connections and engaging with other families.

One of the goals of The Out & About Baby Company is to tackle the feelings of isolation and loneliness that often come with being a new parent by encouraging you to get out and about with your expanding family.  One area I am going to focus on particularly is Postnatal Depression (PND). This horrible illness is caused by a combination of biological, psychological and social factors and doesn’t discriminate between Mums and Dads, location, diet, or social status.  It effects 1 in 7 women and 1 in 10 men. And while we understand there is more to PND than just getting out and about, any new mum can attest to the power of feeling in control in social situations as well as the support of mum’s communities and the mental boost these two factors can provide.  As we grow and build this company from the ground up, we will always come back to this goal and continuously raise funds and awareness to support families through what can feel like the loneliest period of their life.

These days I wear many hats.  In no particular order I’m a mum, a wife, a cleaner, a cook (actually if I’m honest my husband probably wears this hat more than I do), a business owner, an entrepreneur, a friend. And many of you using this website will similarly wear an equal number, or more, hats too. We share so much in common and it is my dream to connect us, support each other, be social and find something or somewhere new to inspire and enrich both you and your children.  Because life is too short to just sit at home.

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Thank you for coming on this journey with me.

Laura x

Laura Ruston

Mum to Harvey. Wife to Dave. Founder of MUMOKI. Art lover, design obsessed, lipstick hoarder.