The top baby name trends for the next decade

January 11, 2020

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A new year brings many things with it, including a brand-new crop of baby name trends. From celebrity-inspired monikers and Game of Thrones homages, to royal copycats and a rise in unisex options, the trends dictating the baby names of the year (and decade!) ahead are plentiful. Below are the most popular baby names 2020 has on the horizon, as reported by two popular moniker-centric sites.

According to Nameberry, the names that have shown the largest increase in interest over the past year include the following:

For Girls:
1. Adah (and other girl names starting with “Ad,” like Adele, Adelaide, Ada, and Adeline).
2. Reese
3. Mika
4. Paisley
5. Amina
6. Teagan
7. Nova
8. Aura
9. Pearl
10. Billie
Other hot girls’ names on the rise: Adelaide, Allegra, Amaya, Anastasia, Andromeda, Anya, Ariel, Artemis, Astra, Aurelia, Avalon, Ayla, Briar, Camila, Cecilia, Clara, Claudia, Clover, Cordelia, Cosima, Delia, Eden, Eliora, Elodie, Eloise, Fia, Harlow, Indigo, Ione, Juniper, Kiara, Lara, Luna, Lyra, Mabel, Mira, Myla, Nyx, Octavia, Olive, Persephone, Piper, Poppy, Primrose, Sally, Selah, Theodora, and Willow.

For Boys:
1. Austin
2. Alva
3. Acacius
4. Tate
5. Diego
6. Easton
7. Lucius
8. Cash
9. Ash
10. Luca
Other hot boys’ names on the rise: Alfie, Alistair, Amias, Ansel, Apollo, Archer, Archie, Arlo, Arthur, Atlas, August, Beau, Beckett, Bennett, Brooks, Caius, Calix, Casper, Cassian, Chester, Cian, Cillian, Cormac, Elio, Emmett, Enzo, Ezra, Felix, Finn, Flynn, Grant, Hugo, Jax, Jonah, Josiah, Jude, Kieran, Kit, Lazarus, Leon, Lincoln, Mateo, Micah, Miles, Nash, Nico, Nolan, Oliver, Orson, Otis, Raphael, Roman, Ronan, Sullivan, Theo, Titus, Tobias, Weston, Zane, and Zion.

Unisex Names:
1. Ellis
2. Phoenix
3. Remi /Remy
4. Marlowe
5. Shea
6. Zephyr
7. Darcy
8. Rowan
9. Quinn
10. Emerson

Meanwhile, Babycenter has categorised its predictions by trend.

1. Ari
2. River
3. Sam
4. Tatum
5. Corey
6. Frankie
7. Emery

Powerful Female Athletes:
1. Simone
2. Allyson
3. Coco
4. Naomi
5. Alex
6. Megan
7. Carli
8. Dalilah

Roaring ’20s Names:
1. Frank
2. Barbara
3. Richard
4. Ruth
5. Virginia
6. Tony

1. Troy
2. Gabriella
3. Nini
4. Ricky
5. Jeff
6. Pedro
7. Pascal
8. Aurora
9. Ariel
10. Jasmine
11. Belle
12. Peter
13. Bruce
14. Natasha
15. Carol
16. Luke
17. Leia
18. Rey
19. Finn
20. Poe

Country Stars:
1. Maren
2. Kacey
3. Blake
4. Garth
5. Montero
6. Carrie
7. Kane
8. Shania
9. Kelsea

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