The Best Wet Weather Gear to Get you Through a Downpour

June 11, 2019

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We’re usually not thrilled to see rain in the forecast. If it’s a Sunday, our fridge is stocked, the kids are asleep and there is something good on Netflix, then fine. But on a weekday when we have kids to entertain and need to stay motivated to still do something, we see rain outside and ask the weather gods, “Must you?” Not having proper wet weather gear (that we actually like to wear) only heightens our annoyance, and after three straight days of grey skies and downpours in Sydney last week, it was obvious that most of us treat rainwear as an afterthought. We don’t buy nice raincoats or cool Wellies because we’d rather buy pieces that we love and will wear more frequently. But then it rains, and we’re livid that we’re walking around in some shapeless hooded coat we once borrowed from our husband and never gave back. That ends today.

There are lots of rain-appropriate pieces that are worth buying and definitely worth wearing. From bucket hats to trench coats, here are 9 of our favourites.

The Best Rain Gear to Get you Through a Downpour

Or a drizzle, because those can cramp your style, too.

1. Camilla and Marc Roberta Trench Coat

Australian brother and sister designer duo Camilla and Marc prove that it’s all in the details with their Roberta Trench Coat, a statement silhouette crafted from shiny Italian vinyl in a rich mulberry tone. Squared flap pockets lend a subtle utilitarian aesthetic to the piece, whilst wide lapels and a belted closure echo the traditional features of the classic trench.

2. Rubi Ella Medium Umbrella

There are only two important qualities to an umbrella, in my opinion. 1: It’s small and compact, so it can fit in a coat pocket or handbag. 2: It withstands being flipped inside out even in the most intense of windstorms. Plus this one is sleek, simple, and cheap as chips so it isn’t sartorially offensive and you won’t be devastated if you leave it on the train.

3. Boohoo Patent Check Trench Coat

A cheap and cheerful alternative to the more expensive Camilla and Marc Trench, this cute high street raincoat from Boohoo gives a fast trend injection to your wet weather gear.

4. Hunter Tall Gumboots in Navy

When the weather cant be trusted, pull on some classic Hunter Wellies. The original wellington boot manufacturer has more than half a century’s experience, and has earned worldwide recognition and a royal warrant for its outerwear and footwear collection…. so they know a thing or two about jumping in muddy puddles.

5. Monki bucket hat in black

An umbrella is never enough protection. I’m wearing this bucket hat to ensure my hair stays on point through a surprise storm.

6. Dr. Martens Black Vegan 1460 Boots

A go-anywhere, do-anything shit-kicker boot is a must for any Mum. Scratch that—it’s a must for everybody. You can’t beat Dr. Martens, and bonus points for being vegan.

 7. Stella McCartney stella logo belt bag

I’m calling it now. Belt bags are THE rainy-day accessory. Sling them across your torso and tuck them into your trench to prevent your valuables from becoming soggy.

8. Rains Limited Long Faded Raincoat

My disdain for raincoats is due to their tendency to be shapeless sacks that can single-handedly ruin an outfit. Not so much the case with this Rains trench coat that I’m tempted to wear rain AND shine.

9. Clyde Vinyl Bucket Hat 

I’m probably not cool enough to wear this, but whatever. Clyde’s bucket hat taps into two of the season’s biggest trends – transparent fabrics and ’90s accessories. It’s made from see-through vinyl and has a short, gently structured brim. Wear with long loose waves.

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