Seriously Milestones

Issy Kerr is refreshingly honest when it comes to her experience of motherhood and that honestly is something she injects into into her clever take on the very instagrammable Seriously Milestone Cards. In what began as something to do after the birth of her second child so she didn’t have to go back to work, has evolved into an international success. We recently had a chat to Issy to find out her mum life hacks and where it all began. 


Q: Where did you grow up and what are some of your fondest memories of your childhood?

I’ve always lived In Bendigo, but I specifically grew up In Eaglehawk – which is a part of Bendigo that sees itself as it’s own little town. It had (and still has) an awesome community feel and I remember having a really free and fun childhood, walking down to the shops to get a VHS, riding bikes to friends houses, and not having many cares at all.

Q: As a career, what did you do before you became a mother and how has becoming a mother changed your work life?

I went straight to uni after high school and studied Social Work, then went straight into a job from uni. I always knew I didn’t want to be a Social Worker once I had kids, as It’s too emotionally draining, so I went back to uni before I had my first to do a post-grad in Career Development. I briefly went back to work between my first and second, but It’s now almost been 5 years since I’ve worked for someone else and I have no idea what I’ll do in the future!

Q: What’s been the most challenging thing about motherhood so far?

Having to think about what you say before you say it – kids remember everything and you can’t make threats that you’re not going to follow through on.

Q: What is something special you always try to do for your kids?

I really make an effort to be at their school and kinder events – and when I can volunteer to help out. I feel like I’m way better at being a school mum than I was when they were really young, I’m so not good with the craft and constant activities.

Q: What are some of your everyday mum life hacks?

Ha! I live for mum hacks – If there is an easier way to do things then I’ll do It. One of my story highlights on Instagram is dedicated to Mum Hacks.

Q: How do you approach self care?

I try now to be really proactive with It, as I find that when I’m reactive It’s almost too late. I’ve tried lots of different ways to manage my self care, but for me it’s nothing fancy, it’s just time out. It could be a gym class or coffee with a friend, or just scrolling Insta – anti-depressants help too 😉

Q: Why did you originally decide to start Seriously?

I didn’t want to go back to work! My hubby had started working for himself just before we had our second, and he kept telling me that I needed to find a way to not go back. To be honest, he wouldn’t care If I didn’t work, but I saw a fun gap In the market and it was good for my brain to do things other than just ‘be a mum’.

Q: What makes Seriously Milestone Cards so special?

They’re real, funny and different. I love a good pretty picture, but how good is a picture of a kid lying on the floor in a supermarket mid tantrum? You just can’t beat that shit.

Q: What does the future look like for you and Seriously?

Honestly? I have no Idea!
For the immediate future, we’ve got some gift tags coming out and some new greeting cards (Including a cool collaboration). We’ll be at The Big Design Trade In 2020 so working on lots of things for that.
Beyond that is anyones guess…

Q: What are your time management tips and how do you get everything done?

Set your priorities at the start of the day and figure out what the most important thing to get done is – today for me it was answering this Q&A 😉 Keep your expectations reasonable, and if something isn’t working for you, go and do something else and come back to it later.
P.S – I never get everything done – If I’ve been packing order or had a big photo shoot – you can bet we’ll be having takeaway and there’ll be multiple piles of washing to be done.