Love to Chew

Having trained as an Occupational Therapist before making the move into motherhood, Alicia Boyd knows a thing or two about childhood development. But when she went on maternity leave she felt that all too familiar creative itch that she just had to scratch. Enter, Love to Chew.  We sat down with Alicia to find out more about what makes Love to Chew special (hello cookie teethers!) and she fits some moments for herself into her day.


Q: Where did you grow up and what are some of your fondest memories of your childhood?

I was born in Melbourne and I lived there until I was 13. Then we moved to Rockhampton before I headed to university in Brisbane. So I’ve covered some ground. And for the last ten years I’ve lived in Sydney and have never looked back! Some of the fondest memories of my childhood are the holidays we went on. My parents one year pulled us out of school for a term to travel halfway around Australia in a caravan. I have so many memories of our trips and all of the wonderful places I have been lucky enough to see!!

Q: As a career, what did you do before you became a mother and how has becoming a mother changed your work life?

I have always been focused on my career. I graduated from university as an occupational therapist and worked clinically for a few years. After this I made the jump into digital health and grew my career from trainer to now client executive. Becoming a mother has given me an appreciation for the juggle all working parents tackle. You’re already hours into your day before even starting your ‘job’. It’s also made me realise time is precious and I want to soak up the hours with my son. I have 30+ years of working ahead of me so don’t feel the need to aggressively push my career forward while he is still so young.

Q: What’s been the most challenging thing about motherhood so far?

The most challenging thing is accepting that motherhood is a roller coaster. I find I have a mix of emotions about motherhood. You have great days and there are some pretty bad ones too! It’s about expecting the unexpected and learning to let go!

Q: What is something special you always try to do for your kids?

We always try to have quality time as a family together everyday. We love getting outdoors and walking our dogs. I find this time special to us because we are truly all just enjoying each other’s company and free from any other distractions.

Q: What are some of your everyday mum life hacks?

Wipes are life – never go anywhere without them!

Q: How do you approach self care?

Time for myself is very important. I’m still learning how to schedule it into my week! But even going to do a workout gives me a mental break and I’m doing something good for myself.

Q: Why did you originally decide to start Love to Chew?

I was given some really sweet handmade gifts by friends when my son was born so I decided to make the most of my maternity leave and start my own little business. I’ve always loved being creative and feel that fulfils that outlet.

Q: What makes Love to Chew special?

It’s special to me because it was inspired by my son.

Q: What does the future look like for Love To Chew?

We hope to continue to provide our customers with affordable yet gorgeous handmade accessories for baby and mum! We are excited to release new designs and looks!

Q: What are your time management tips and how do you get everything done?

Don’t sweat the small stuff, remember it is ok to not achieve everything you planned to do as tomorrow is another day. Lists are a great way of prioritising and taking a moment to reflect at the end of each day everything you’ve accomplished!