Bunny Books

Children’s books designed to support new parents

The Bunny Books Collection is a boxset of 4 very special stories written for your child’s enjoyment along with psychological strategies to support parents. The perfect gift for new parents.

A collection of very special stories written for little people, with psychological strategies to help parents, The Bunny Books have each been written based on different techniques to help new parents with common problems that arise, equipping them with what they need to step into parenthood happily and powerfully.

All proceeds from the sale of the Bunny Books go to Gidget Foundation Australia, a charitable organisation committed to promoting the emotional wellbeing of new parents.

RRP: $29.95



The collection is made of up of four simply and beautifully illustrated books, with each book focusing on the following strategies

  • Bunny Floats – technique of visualisation
  • Bunny Wears Gumboots – importance of gratitude
  • Bunny Finds Home – mindfulness and awareness of your environment
  • Run Bunny Run – benefits of physical activity and exercise

Credits: Story by Daniel Miller, Pictures by Jenny Tang
Naked Communications
Nine Cares

Gidget Foundation Bunny Books