Ready to pack your hospital bag? When it comes to preparing for your hospital stay, it’s easy to focus on what you’re going to need for baby. People tend to overload on onesies, newborn diapers and forget that they’re going to need comfortable clothing (and absorbent padding) for themselves too. As parents who have been there, done that and wish we’d remembered to bring shampoo, we asked our community of mums and have compiled a list of the non-negotiable you’re going to be so happy you packed in your hospital bag post birth.

From clothing to cushioning, these are hands down non-negotiable in our book.

1.  Dressing Gown/Robe

The first thing you need to pack is an easy to slip on robe because one second you’re hot, one second you’re cold and other times – you just want to be able to cover up in style.

2. Nursing bras and nursing singlets

Check out the maternity section from BONDS for an easy go-to selection.

3.  Postpartum support leggings

As your body enters recovery mode, having support clothing like SRC Support Leggings can help hold your muscles together while they repair themselves can make a huge difference.

4. Massive Undies

Preferably in black. And pack way more than you think you will actually need.

5.  Really comfy pyjamas

Having a few sets of soft, comfortable and stylish pyjamas may be just the thing to help sleep come easier. We opt for button down PJs because they make breastfeeding or tending to a c-section wound hassle-free.

6. A silk eye mask and really fluffy slippers

The eye mask is to block out the extra hospital lights when you are desperate to have a nap. The fluffy slippers is for when you need to walk around the Maternity Ward – they won’t allow bare feet.

7.  Personal Care products

While some hospitals provide essentials, MANY don’t. You also don’t know what chemicals are lurking in theirs so it’s best to stock up on products that are free of parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, formaldehyde and more! Make sure you pack:

8. Nursing Pads

As your hormones surge and your milk comes in, your breasts may decide to let down at any moment. You can save your clothes from endless milk stains by sliding some nursing pads into your bra

9. Maternity Sanitary Pads

10.  Something for YOU to wear home

Having a comfortable and stylish going home outfit will make facing the real world so much easier.

11. Something for the BABY to wear home

Preferably with zips and not buttons or clips. They will drive you insane. Again, BONDS is really a lifesaver here with their range of baby Wondersuits. You will most likely need either a 00000 or 0000 size.

12. Snacks

Pack lots of them because you’re starving that first night! Hopefully the hospital food won’t be too bad after that. And if it is, there is always UBER eats.

13. Phone Charger

Because you will be taking looooooots of sleeping baby pics.

14. And don’t forget about getting your car seat/baby capsule fitted into the car before you go to hospital!