Pram life: Your essential guide to buying a pram

May 27, 2021

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time new parent buyer or if you’re looking to replace a pram that hasn’t met your expectations, buying a pram is a major investment. To help with you with this process, we’ve put together a buying guide and checklist to help you navigate through the many options and decide what you want and need out of a pram.


Research – this guide is a great start. Once you have used it to find out what you need in a pram and you have decided how much you are willing to pay, you’re ready to investigate suitable models and get the best deal.

Reviews – user product reviews and forums are good a good place to look for honest feedback on prams. Look out for websites like Canstar Blue to Product Review Australia and do a quick-search of the pram, or brand, you’re looking at. Also, the advice of friends and relatives who have been through this purchase cycle before can be invaluable. Last but not least, try to take time to talk to people in-store – if they know their products and have listened to their customers they will have some great insights.

Road test – take some models for a spin, whether they’re from a store or you’ve borrowed your friend’s pram for half an hour. Practice turning corners, rolling at different paces, going through tight spaces, and braking/locking the wheels. And probably the most tricky of all… can you fold it up and down easily and get it into your car?

Compare – have a few models in mind and find the best price you can by looking online and in-store. Take a look here and you’ll be able to compare physical features such as weight, suspension and more. Many places will price-match or throw in extras if you have done your research and found a low price. If you have some time up your sleeve, you can even wait for a while and pounce when your favourite model is on sale.

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There is a huge range of prams on the market and they come with everything from essential safety features to luxury accessories.

Before you get started, try to establish what your pram budget is. Prams can cost anything from a couple of hundred dollars to a few thousand. Try to consider:


How much you will use it – everyday, once a week, or just for the odd occasion? Are you taking it for a stroll or for a jog? If you’re after a jogging pram just know that they are more expensive. So consider how yow much you will use it, in relation to your activities.

Where will you be using it – paved walkways, indoors, or uneven terrain? This will determine the type of wheels you need and your suspension. Larger wheels are different to smaller wheels, some can break or some can pop. Carefully consider the environment where you’ll most likely be using it. Also, not all prams come with suspension

What will the pram be used for – a quick trip to the shops or all day outings when your baby will need to sleep? This will influence the quality of pram, the comfort and the overall usability. Small and light for quick trips, or maybe a pram a bit heavier for those all-day adventures.


How long you will use it for – from newborn to toddler? You may need an adjustable pram.

Or are you after a single pram for the newborn stage and a new one for the toddler stage? This is important as it’s crucial for muscle and spinal development, with newborns required to be on their back, whilst toddlers can keep their head up. If you want your little one facing you, have a look at facing-structure of the pram. The more your little one can see you, the more they feel safe and communicable. 

Will it be for just one child, or would you like to keep/sell it for another child’s use? Will you be having another child down-the-line? Consider your long-term usage in relation to your needs.

The majority of prams last for 1-4 years with normal use.


How tall and wide do you need the frame to be so that it is comfortable to push? How compact should it be when it’s folded down? Will it fit in the cupboard or boot of your car? Are you going travelling? Will you be bringing it overseas?  These are all crucial factors to consider and can vary the weight and build of your desired pram.

Do you need to manoeuvre your pram through small areas and turn corners easily? This can make a big difference when catching public transport or in a café and can change how easy it is to get on those buses or into those small entrances.

Do you want the newest and trendiest pram? The one with all the bells and whistles that is sure to be the envy of the yummy mummy set? Or, do you want something simple and functional that you can rely on when you need it? Just be sure that they’ve got all the features and safety requirements before you purchase.

Once you have decided what you need in a pram, and what you would just really like to have, it’s time to shop!

Your Essential pram buying checklist


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Best Prams 2018

Now you could go out and splash your cash on the latest Fendi Pram (yes there is such a thing), but if that’s a bit out of reach for you, then these are some other options we recommend.

We’ve rounded up the best prams of 2018 concentrating on quality, durability, manoeuvrability and design.

Best for travel: 

Babyzen Yoyo: 

A one-handed folding masterpiece, the Babyzen Yoyo is able to fit into the smallest of spaces. Boasting only a 6kg total weight and 4-wheel suspension, you’ll be able to squeeze this in no matter where you go. From overhead luggage space on planes to under the bed, the Babyzen Yoyo is truly the best pram for travelling.

Best for small spaces and cafe kids: 

Bugaboo Bee5:

With a compact chassis and a one-piece fold, the Bugaboo Bee5 is the best for those small, tight spaces like cafes. Don’t be afraid of public transport any longer and with re-designed front wheels, the stability and swivel manoeuvrability are from the top shelf. Not only is it convenient for you, but it also has a comfy, padded seat so your little one won’t be in discomfort no matter the circumstance.

Best double prams:  

Baby jogger city select luxe with second seat:

If you are onto baby number 2 and worried about how on earth you will get Out & About with the entire brood, the Baby Jogger City Select Luxe (with second seat option) tops the category of the best double prams. If you get it early when you just have one you’ve obviously got the option of rocking just the single seat first before you add on the second seat when baby number 2 arrives. It is able to hold up to roughly 20kgs with adjustable supports and reclining seats, this is a great choice for a double pram.

RedsBaby Jive2 Platinum with tandem:

Also making the cut for for best double pram it the Australian owned and made Redsbaby Jive-2 Platinum (with tandem). With luxurious, intricate details, an easy-access basket, puncture proof wheels with an extremely light frame (8.3kg) this pram has it all.

Best for off road:

Baby Jogger Summit x3:

If you love your off-road adventures, this one’s for you. With air-filled, rubber tyres, a remote wheel lock and all-wheel suspension, the Baby Jogger Summit x3 is fantastic. Doubling into a hybrid jogging stroller, you’ll be able to get around with ease.

BugaBoo Fox:

Also on the list for best off-road strollers is the Bugaboo Fox. This fantastic stroller is practically designed for off-road adventures with a comfortable, smooth ride. The great thing about this pram is you’re able to lock the front wheels and allow the back wheels to take control for steering over any rough terrain.

Best creative design:

Cybex by Jeremy Scott:

If pop-culture, high-fashion and elegant designs are your thing, look no further than Cybex by Jeremy Scott. With top-of-the-line safety standards and angelic design (i.e. it actually has gold angel wings!), Cybex truly comes out on top when it comes to creative direction.

Best Running Prams (On-Smooth Surfaces):

Bugaboo Runner:

The Bugaboo Runner is the perfect pram if you’re constantly on the move. Don’t let a baby get in the way of doing some gentle exercise, this pram will compliment your lifestyle whilst maintain a smooth and comfortable ride for your little one.

Mountain Buggy: Terrain:

With rear wheels and a small single front wheel, the Mountain Buggy Terrain allows you to quickly move and manoeuvre no matter the surface. They also have a zip-covered gear tray (holding up to 10kg) so it’s great if you tend to get a little muddy.

Pram Accessories we Love:

Nappy Society Pram Caddy:
The Nappy Society’s pram caddy is the best in the business to stash all your bits and pieces when you don’t want to also carry a bag. Made from a durable, light-weight cotton canvas, they’re so easy to style whilst keeping you organised.

Skip-Hop Pram Caddy:
Another pram caddy that is just so convenient for your use is the Skip-Hop Pram Caddy. Pack everything you need into this small, travel bag and you’re set!

Pram Clips:
Pram Clips are great to hold your bags, or clip on fabric swaddles over the top of your pram. They’re a great, small addition that can be a life-saver.

Buggy-boards are great when your little one gets too tired, as you push number two in the pram. A great and convenient accessory that’s really useful when the time comes. Make sure you get one of these small and easy attachments.

And if your still bummed that you missed out on the Fendi pram, don’t worry. You can always get the Fendi Pram Caddy to accessorise your pram instead.


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