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May 26, 2021

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Earlier this year, I had fallen down a massive Instagram hole and stumbled across photographer and illustrator Thu Pham.  Like many parents, Thu has quite a collection of photos of her daughter, 20-month-old Banksii Deville Moore. Wanting to do something more with them, the talented mumma decided to use her artistic skills to add some creativity to her daughter’s life.

For about a year and a half now, Thu has been drawing on the photos she’s taken of Banksii to put her in scenarios that match her mood and expression captured in the pic.  We were so in love with the drawings and how clever this Wollongong mumma was, we approached her to work on our new website…. And so all the fantastic drawings and sketches you see here are all by her.   Our love runs deep for this clever mumma and bub.

illustrations by thu pham

What’s your favourite restaurant to go for a special occasion with the kids? 

I love a good road trip and a drive down to Berry makes a good excuse to celebrate any occasion. Our go to place is Berry Sourdough Cafe and the lines outside the door is a testament on how good this place is. The food is great here but what wins my heart is the coffee “Mug size” which is the size of a soup bowl. A parents dream.

What’s your favourite local cafe?

Sifters Wollongong has all the coffee needs that a parent requires. Its a wonderful space that is kid friendly with a good selection of caffeine to gossip over with friends. Sifters ticks a lot of boxes; Good food and coffee. Tick. Outdoor Area. Tick. Dog and Kid friendly. Double Tick.

And what’s that one special spot you go for a little ‘me time’?

Living on the coast, my local beach at Fairy Meadow is the most perfect time to unwind and reflect. Watching the evening sky reflect over the water and being completely lost in thoughts is the luckiest things I can experience on a daily basis.

The best thing about being a mum is:

The best thing about being a mum is watching your offspring grow.  It truly is rewarding watching someone you have created morph into the best person they could be.

The hardest thing about being a mum is:

The unknown.  As a first time parent it’s scary but exciting to see what is going to happen next.  The first few months with a newborn is daunting and your often googling a lot of things! Now with a toddler who is a sponge, I’m often wart of the way I act or things I say around her – it’s very easy to slip and throw frustration over small things.

Follow Thu and her beautiful baby Banksii on Instagram at @thuie

And if you love dogs then you have to also check out her beautiful puppy adventures on @malamutecalledutah

Thu Pham and Banksi

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