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May 26, 2021

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Owner and editor of children’s interior magazine, Minty Magazine, Nicole Ray is perfectly placed to help you style your kids room (or your own). While running after 2 year old Charlie and editing this gorgeous tome, she is also growing the next baby Ray due in August 2017. With a print issue once a year and quarterly online issues of over 100 pages of delicious kidspiration, blog posts and a globally followed Instagram account, Nicole doesn’t do things by halves. Not enough to have her own business and 1.5 bubbas, Nicole also helps husband Dave with his catering business (on the office side and with taste-testing) The Cook and The Waiter.

What’s your favourite restaurant to go for a special occasion with the kids? 

Fave place for the 3 of us is North Bondi in the evenings – Charlie rides his scooter like mad up and down the promenade, David has a swim rain hail or shine, and I wiggle my toes with happiness in the sand breathing in the fresh air and breathing out the crazy toddler days! Alternatively, The Greenhouse Cafe at Centennial Parklands is always a winner! The cafe is great to sit outside while the kids run around, or grab a takeaway and feed the ducks.

What’s your favourite local cafe?

Fave place for a coffee with friends and kids is Bondi Wholefoods on the way to O’Donnell Street Park– I love that park! No sand, no tan bark, lots of space to run and always lots of friendly faces.


Nicole Ray Minty Magazine

And what’s that one special spot you go for a little ‘me time’?

That special place, just for me…. Gould street! A coffee from Nick at Earth Food Store, a shop in Tuchuzy, Aesop and Uashmama. Let’s face it- me time is never long so if I make it the length of the street with a few stops I am happy!

The best thing about being a mum is:

Hanging with my boy: his warm breath on my face, sticky cuddles and endless laughs!

The hardest thing about being a mum is:

Fitting it all in…

Follow Nicole and her interior adventures on Instagram at @mintymagazine

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