MUMOKI Moment #24

July 12, 2020

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“Becoming a mother gives you so much more strength than you thought you had, you learn that you’re actually more capable than ever.” – Emily Blunt


Choose your moments, words, and time wisely. I have been making a real effort not to spend too much time worrying. Worry takes us out of the present moment and we miss it. As an entrepreneur this is especially hard. My mind is always, dreaming, solving, worrying, etc. With my kids, I try and create moments. Childhood is a blur so I try and find a few unique things they will distinctly remember and cherish… like making pancakes in crazy shapes. Or listening to music that isn’t on the usual ABC Kids rotation so when they hear it as a grown up they remember all those times we used to dance around the kitchen to it.

How about you? Any good tips you can share about how to stay more present in the moment and how you create moments with your kids?

Laura x

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