Mumoki Moment #22

May 19, 2020

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Make it a practice to say out loud something you are grateful for every day.


One of the secrets to life – at least in my family – is having something to look forward to. The simple joy of having a date circled on the calendar, a mental countdown clicking away, the mounting anticipation of something to come can be enough to bring a smile to my face on the most hum-drum of days.

We are living in unusual times, and while it might be tempting to cast your eyes to the magical date that life goes back to the way it was, I’m looking towards closer rewards. Here is what I am looking forward to:

– Breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day.
– Sipping on my morning coffee tomorrow.
– A really nice glass of red wine tonight.

– Wearing really cool earrings. Even if it is only while wearing my trackies at home.

(Is it weird that most things I’m looking forward to relates to food in some way???)

Leave a comment below and tell me what you are looking forward to this week?

Take care.
Laura x

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