April 27, 2020

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All those impossibly bad days? You got through them. Give yourself credit where it’s due. You will get through this too.

I woke up this morning, got out of bed, drank my coffee, sat on the couch. Picked up the toys.
Same as the last twenty days. Groundhog Day.
Except the only way I know it’s not Groundhog Day is that everyday, I am a little bit different.
You know, just ever so slightly more disheveled.

So I sat on my couch, and looked into the distance with a profound, worldly expression on my face, imagine The Lion King overlooking the savanna, solemn music and all, and I thought :

When will come the blessed day be where I can have the night off from cooking again? I mean I started a website all those years ago that encouraged you to get out and about for crying out loud!?!?!

So it’s official. I’m all over the map. And you probably are too. Like when am I actually going to get it together and not want to hide from my kids? Or not want a wine at the end of another day?

You should see my group text threads. ????????

And let’s not even address my carb consumption habits of late. I keep telling myself it’s Easter and that counts as a pass. Right?

But I see light at the end of the tunnel.
I just know that from this week on we are all going to cook great food, knit wonderful scarves, plant the tomatoes, educate the kids, do our workouts everyday, never forget the make up, buy from small companies, have tremendous sex, and clean our house like we never did before. Share it all on Instagram “to uplift our communities”, you know?
Oh, and we’re going to work remotely too!!! How could I forget that!!!

Right? Right?

Take care.

Laura x

P.S. please share this with a friend and then set a date or time to discuss over a virtual coffee/wine while your kids play virtual lego together.

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