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After being built in 2016, Wulaba Park in Waterloo has become more and more popular with the families in the local community, and continues to be one of the most fun and colourful parks in the Sydney region.


Wulaba Park is located on Amelia St in Waterloo, Sydney in New South Wales. The park can be somewhat difficult to find, because it is hidden behind several of the high-rise apartments. There is also only one way to get to the park, and that is through the entrance to Amelia St off of O’Dea Ave.


Parking in the area can be a little tricky. If you can’t find any street parking , it may be best to park in the Supa Centre carpark just down the road and walk across to the park. The carpark for the centre is free all day, so you won’t have to worry about getting in and out on time either. There is also parking at the East Village Shopping Centre, but you have to pay after 2 hours, so plan accordingly.


The standout at Wubala Park in relation to the play area has to be the large tower structure with a giant slide attached. The massive colourful structure soars several meters up in the air and allows the kids to climb up to the top on supported wooden platforms. At the very top of the structure is a long tunnel slide, made of metal, that the kids can slide down to get to the bottom. The kids will get a major kick out of going down the slide, as they probably haven’t seen one this big since they went to the Easter Show last.

But the most striking thing about the park, is the use of colour by the designers. Local Sydney artist Nuha Saad worked closely with the landscape architects to design the playground’s colourful equipment and soft-surface floors. Almost all the soft-ground and wooden panels are covered in every colour of the rainbow, which is a sensory feast for anyone who comes to the park.

The park also has your typical features like swings, and rope climbing nets. There is also a large grassed area in front of the play area, that is great for running around and for picnics.


As mentioned, the East Village Shopping Centre just down the road from Wulaba Park. They have restaurants, fast-food, cafes, and a Coles, so you’ll be able to pick up anything you need for your trip to the park on the way over.

Baby change Facilities and Toilets

There are self-cleaning toilets at Wulaba Park if the kids get really desperate but no baby change facilities.  If you are desperate, you can use the ones at nearby East Village Shops.


The whole park area is not gated or blocked off and the park is surrounded by road that cars regularly use. Make sure to keep an eye on your little ones and keep them away from the roads.

Interesting Local Fact

Wulaba is an Aboriginal word of the Gadigal people, meaning ‘rock wallaby’. Rock wallabies were once a regular sight around Waterloo, which was home to the largest swamp in the district until it was replaced with development in the early 20th century.

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Laura Ruston
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This park looks great but I was truly so disappointed in it. It might be good for bigger kids but terrible for my 3 year old. The slide is HUGE and slightly terrifying, there is ZERO shade and there is really not much to it other than to look at the pretty colours. Wish they had of consulted a parent before designing it. Could have been great.

Address: Wulaba Park, O\'Dea Ave & Amelia Street, Waterloo NSW 2017, Australia

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