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The Local Trade located on the outside of Kellyville Plaza allows a rest stop during a hectic grocery shopping mission with kids in tow. A superb playground and some great food options allows some sanity to be salvaged.

Outdoor seating area & playground

The Local Trade has both indoor and outdoor seating. Outdoor seating is in your future if you have kids as it is right next to the playground, plus it has easier table side pram access. The playground is new and well equipped. It also has a large shade sail overhead. The very convenient table service allows you to keep your eyes on the playground.

A modern menu

A delightful modern menu boasts breakfast and lunch options available all day. A dedicated kids menu offers pancakes eggs and soldiers or a ham and cheese toasty, along with other classics. For the adults a wagyu steak baguette or a buttermilk fried chicken burger won’t disappoint for lunch plus a good selection of salads are also on offer.

Coffee covered

The Local Trade serves Tobys Estate coffee.  You can choose from the Woolloomooloo blend or Toby’s Estate Single Origin coffee. It’s the most popular take-away coffee spot in the plaza, always a good sign!

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