The Garden at Wests Ashfield Leagues

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The Garden is a new restaurant & café now open in Wests Ashfield Leagues. The enormous 300 seater space is unlikely candidate for a hipster like farm to fork meal – think a lush and expensive fitout with enamel plates, Laguiole cutlery, clipboard menus, mason jars and wine bottle glasses. At first glance you wouldn’t know that you were standing in a leagues club.

The vision is quite simple. Great ingredients, simple cooking and a commitment to always put flavours first.  The team believes in creating a positive cycle that encourages people to eat better. All produce comes straight from the farm to the restaurant, only seasonal produce is used and nothing is wasted.

In the end it comes down to providing delicious food that makes guests feel happy and invested in this positive cycle. The Garden is about more than just the dining experience: they are building a movement to champion good food from good places. In fact, they encourage everyone to ask about the provenance of any ingredient or the inspiration behind any dish and pride themselves on complete transparency.


Plenty of undercover parking available in the Leagues Club.

Once you come out of the car park and sign in (it’s a club remember), just take the lift straight up to The Garden.


There is a really cute little kids play area in the far corner so grab a drink from the bar before you sit down for dinner and let the kids burn off some steam before eating.


Along the wall next to the escalators.  It’s very clean and has a comfy chair for feeding but only space for one person at a time.  If you have a toddler, the actual change table is a bit short so just be prepared for some squirming.

Out & About Baby Tip

Try the Farmer’s Plate for dinner. It includes lamb cooked in a Texan barbecue sauce and is served with a mixture of seasonal vegetable textures: roasted, raw and pickled. Delicious!


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(02) 8752 2000

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