Riverside Green Playground

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Often stated as the coolest playground in Brisbane, Riverside Green Playground certainly looks impressive! The eye-catching bright pink skywalk will test the climbing skills of your child as they clamber up ladders, across ropes and down some impressive slides.

Once the skywalk is done kids generally move to tackle the either the rock climbing wall, mouse wheel,  3-metre high supernova swing or the swaying rubber belt bridge. Let’s face it, there will plenty to keep them occupied for hours.

Toddlers will be equally entertained at the pirate ship which contains a smaller slide, some ropes to climb, binoculars to play with and some smaller swings.

Great for a family BBQ

BBQ facilities are located right next to the playground which have picnic tables and great views towards the river and the city. A huge grassed area can be used for games once the playground time is over, plus the entire  area is also floodlit so making use of the facilities in the evening is possible. Paid parking is available at Southbank underground parking station.

Out & About Baby Tip

Check the advised ages for each apparatus before letting the little one’s loose as they do vary a bit. The mouse wheel may warrant a close inspection as many kids come unstuck first time around.

Suitable ages for the equipment is as follows:

  • Pirate ship: 2-6 years
  • Double swing: 3+ years
  • Wide slide: 3+ years
  • Skywalk, bridges and connecting slides: 5+ years
  • Rubber belt bridge and embankment: 5+ years
  • Mouse wheel: 6+ years (max 4 users at once)
  • Supernova: 6+ years

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