Rashays Rhodes

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RASHAYS is all about delivering affordable, delicious family favourite food in a relaxed dining atmosphere.

RASHAYS Rhodes is one of 21 locations dotted all around New South Wales and the ACT with more to come in the not too distant future.

What’s on the menu at Rashays Rhodes? 

Pizza, Pasta and Salads…Burgers, Parmy and more! oh my! Basically, if it fits into your assumption of what relaxed, casual family dining should be, then it’s on the list.  And the portion sizes won’t leave you hungry, that’s for sure.

The kids menu is also great and you can sub in unhealthy options like chips (but then who doesn’t love chips?) with steamed vegies or salads.  All kids meals also come with a free drink and sundae.

Why the name Rashays? 

RASHAYS has been Australian family owned and operated since 1998 when owners, Rami and Shannon, opened the very first restaurant in Liverpool, NSW. This is how the name came to be – a combination of the owners’ names!


RASHAYS Rhodes is located on the Ground Floor for Rhodes Waterside, near the Customer Service Desk.

Parents Rooms

The closest Parents Room to RASHAYS is on the Ground Level of Rhodes Shopping Centre – almost opposite the restaurant, next to Westpac.

The parents rooms contain comfortable private breastfeeding rooms, a microwave, potty training toilets, baby change tables and a secure play area – which is perfect if you are juggling more than one child at a time.


Mums & Co members are treated like guests of honour at Rhodes Waterside. All Mums & Co members are entitled to utilise the VIP  Mums & Co priority parking on P1 North and P2 Carparks. All members must display Mums & Co bumper stickers on cars and/or can collect a Mums & Co tassel ID keyring, both available for collection at the Customer Service Desk.

For information on the free Mums & Co membership click here

Parking is free if you enter the car park after 6:00PM and leave before close at 12:00AM.


If you would like to eat your lunch without the kids and have some down time over coffee, Rhodes Waterside’s FREE Shopping Nanny service is here to help.

Drop off the kids while you enjoy some ‘me’ time and the professional child minders will do the rest, entertaining your kids in a fun and safe environment.

Open Monday – Friday 10am – 3pm.

Only available to Mums & Co Members.

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