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Nahm Jimm is a small Thai restaurant in Westfield Chatswood, in Sydney, that makes some great and affordable home-style meals. The restaurant is part of Westfield Chatswood’s recently opened section called ‘Hawker Lane’, that has several little restaurants selling quality street food in the comfort of the Shopping centre.


Nahm Jimm is located on Anderson St, Chatswood, on the Lower North Shore of Sydney, New South Wales. The restaurant is a part of the Westfield Chatswood Shopping Centre, and is located on Level 2, near several other small Asian restaurants in ‘Hawker Lane’. The Shopping Centre is split into 2 parts on either side of Anderson St, and Nahm Jimm is on the same side as Aldi (Level 2) and JB Hi-Fi (Level 5).

Because it is part of Westfield, the parking will be fairly easy for you, as you are able to park in the Westfield carpark. The carpark allows 3 hours free for patrons, and additional charges thereafter. They also have ticketless parking at Westfield Chatswood.


The menu for Nahm Jimm has a focus on cooking Northern Thai dishes, which feature dishes little bit different to your usual takeaway Thai options, but are still good all the same. Of course, they do have several of the go to meals on offer like Pad Si Ew, Tom Yum Goong, and Chicken Satay available, but there is so much more to try!

One of the standouts is their Khao Neow (Sticky Rice) with Kor Moo Yang (Marinated and Chargrilled Pork Neck) which go so well together in a perfect mix of sweet and smoky. They also offer other dishes like Pad Grapao, which is fried rice with minced chicken, basil, chilli and a fried egg on top and is a good way to ease yourself into something different. They also offer some great salads if you fancy something lighter, like the Nham Took Moo (Spicy Girlled Pork Salad).

The portions you get from the restaurant are fairly generous, and most of the meals are $15 or under. The quality of the food is also great, especially considering it is meant to mimic street-food and is being churned out at a record rate. Whether you love Thai food, or if you’re just getting into it, there is really something on the menu at Nahm Jimm for everyone.


Nahm Jimm, as previously mentioned is located in ‘Hawker Lane’ in Westfield, and such, the seating arrangement in the lane replicate a laneway in South-East Asia. In these places, they don’t worry about all the trimings and extras, they just serve simple, honest food in a very simple setting. The kids will enjoy the sights and sounds that the section has to offer, and they will be able to experience many different cultures. It is also an interesting experience for the kids, because they get to eat ‘on the street’ and to have the meals closer to their traditional ways of being made. And this differs to the fancy restaurants that may anglicize traditional the meals to suit customers.

While there is plenty of room for prams to get through, you may find it hard to find a highchair nearby, so keep this in mind when you visit.

Baby Change Facilities

There are parents’ rooms in Westfield, with the closest one further down near Priceline (Level 2), or upstairs near Dollar Time (Level 3).


If you think the night time might be too much for the little ones (especially on the busier nights), then try taking them to Hawker Lane at lunch time. Most of the restaurants have lunch time specials to bring the customers in, like Pad Thai from Nahm Jimm for $10 a serve.

And, if you go at lunch, you’ll still get to experience all the culture and amazing food you would at night. Win-win.

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