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Situated in the suburb of Lane Cove North, Mowbray Eatery is a fantastic child-friendly cafe that lets you soak up some sun, and eat great food while the kids can play. With a focus on seasonal and fresh ingredients and is supporting the local community they say they are the first “Farm to Table” restaurant in Lane Cove!


The daytime all-day breakfast menu is a good mix of café favourites, from bacon and egg rolls ($12), a healthy breakfast salad ($17.50) with baba ganoush and salsa verde and a not-so-healthy Southern fried chicken burger ($18.50).  And while the enticing homemade sweet and savoury crepes and muffins are the clear local favourites, we also suggest trying The Mowbray Benedict ($18) and replace the bread with roasted flat mushrooms if you’re looking to cut carbs. The eggs are properly poached, with a runny centre, the silky hollandaise has a good lemon kick and two crunchy lotus root chips are perched on top of it all.

Service is swift and friendly. And as the lunch crowd thins, it is replaced by coffee dates peering at the dessert cabinet brimming with almond croissants, miniature cakes and a decadent hazelnut and caramel square ($6.50) which is so rich it needs to be split between two.

Of course, there is also a kid’s menu for breakfast and lunch which includes a range of pretty standard choices including your basic grilled cheese on toast that’s reasonably priced.

If you’re needing just a snack or desert after lunch don’t worry – they do that too. Each day they make beautiful homemade treats including homemade biscuits, muffins and more! I’m talking melting moments, Oreos, donuts…


Yes there is a playground at Mowbray Eatery and it is a real drawcard for parents. Fenced, with soft rubber ground, the play equipment consists in a big pirate ship structure, which is perfect for preschool children.  Even better is that you can sit down and relax, as you have full visibility either from the deck or the veranda – so you can keep one eye on your toddler while the other eye gazes longingly at your coffee.


There are several car spaces just in front the cafe. However, this first section of Felton Avenue can be busy sometimes, because of the aged care facility.

If you are not lucky to be able to park in front of the café, try the main road (Mowbray Rd) or the streets nearby. You should easily find a spot.


Mowbray Eatery is easy to access. It is part of the St Peter’s Green Building (aged care facility). For this reason, it has ramps. Also, the deck is roomy. There is enough space between the tables for the pram.

Out & About Baby Tip: 

West Chatswood Library is in the same building as the Mowbray Eatery. So a fun plan of attack might be to do story time and coffee dates with your mum friends.

Story time for pre-schoolers (3-6 years) at the library is on Thursdays during school terms, 10.30am – 11.15am

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