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A playground built on the back of a Facebook rant was opened this week at Bolton Park, Wagga Wagga. A local mum took her concerns to Wagga Wagga City Council around the lack of inclusive play and less than two years later, Livvi’s Place Wagga Wagga opened.

Livvi’s Place Wagga in Bolton Park is part of an Australia wide initiative of the Touched by Olivia Foundation.  Initially designed in consultation with leading academics, play, disability, and landscape experts and the local community, Livvi’s Place parks aim to dramatically reduce the barriers experienced by children with special needs and their families, helping to give them a level playing field for life.

Mulga The Artist joined forces with students from Wagga High to create a mural that reflected the local community. The students participated in workshops, created artwork and even assisted Mulga on site.

Livvi’s Place Wagga is a magical and (literally) mist-ical place that everyone is invited, included and belongs at.

The story of Mia the Majestical Unicorn and Bailey the Bull

By Mulga The Artist

Mia the Majestical Unicorn was pretty magical like this one time she turned a rabbit into a possum called Peter the Possum and he went on to become a moderately successful children’s book illustrator. One of his more successful books was about a turtle called T-Bone the Turtle.

Mia’s magical abilities came from one of her legs which was super magical if she touched it to something then you knew that something magical was about to happen.

One time she kicked a soccer ball and the soccer ball turned into one of those huge bouncy balls which is heaps more fun than a regular soccer ball. All the kids were running around chasing after it and having a grand old time.

When Bailey was just a young calf one of his young human overlords kicked a stray footy ball and it bopped him on the head. It didn’t hurt him cause his head was as tough as a piece of concrete or so I assume it was. Bailey then picked up the footy and dropkicked it perfectly back to his young human overlords. They were amazed and asked him if he would join their footy team. He said yes and as you can imagine there was quite a bit of outrage from the other teams like in that movie about the snail that wanted to join in that car race and like that movie Bailey was allowed to play and he was pretty much untackleable and his team easily won every game. After that season the governing body of the competition made a rule forbidding cattle from playing in the human football competition so Bailey started a cattle footy competition called the Cattle Footy League, or CFL for short and heaps of cattle joined in and had a grand old time playing footy against each other.

The End.

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  • Baby change table

  • Dad friendly

  • Play area

  • Pram friendly

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