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One of the greatest joys of childhood is also one of the simplest – playing with other kids. But for some, it’s not as simple as that. Enter The Touched By Olivia Foundation who create parks and play areas where ALL members of the community – young and old, of all abilities and with all and any needs can enjoy themselves and play.  Livvi’s Place Brisbane is one of these parks that has recently been created.

Located in Brisbane’s Hawthorne Park, Livvi’s Place is a great place to visit if you appreciate a fenced playground for your littlies, the opportunity for a bit of flat walking, cycling, or scooting, and easy access to a cafe.


In November 2006, John and Justine Perkins tragically lost their baby daughter Olivia, at just 8 months old, to a rare illness. Their life, as they knew it, came crashing down with the immense sadness and numerous other mixed emotions that followed. This most devastating time of John and Justine’s life however has brought with it new meaning. A gift, if you like, with a message – a message to positively enhance the lives of children and their families in a significant way.

Founding the Touched by Olivia Foundation was the first step towards realising the dream that will become Olivia’s legacy. In her short life, Olivia touched many hearts. It is John and Justine’s hope that Olivia will continue to touch many more lives through the work undertaken by the Foundation.

The State of the art Equipment

According to the Touched by Olivia team, the six principles of inclusive play are:

  1. everyone can play
  2. access to nature
  3. total experience
  4. a connection to community
  5. play independence
  6. friendship.

Livvi’s Place Brisbane in Hawthorn is a state of the art fully fenced playground that answers all these 6 principles.  Resembling a big top circus with its striking coloured sails it is a heaven for young children.

Out-of-the-ordinary equipment includes a conceptual climbing net and see saw, interactive Braille panels, a sand pit with built-in sand play and a swaying boat. Those with wheels can scooter around the paths that circumnavigate the adjacent oval and there is seating and water fountains. The inclusion of a ‘Sway Fun’ swing means that those in wheelchairs are able to join in the fun too.

Change Facilties

Hawthorne Park has accessible toilet facilities; however they are located some distance from the playground, on the opposite side of the playing field.

Out & About Baby Tip

The playground is completely fenced with an access gate and the play equipment is sheltered by shade sails.

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Facilities available

  • Baby change table

  • Dad friendly

  • Play area

  • Pram friendly

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