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Little Jean is a solace for a delicious meal in modern decor. This elegant cafe, based in Double Bay, is home to a more sophisticated dining experience, without breaking the bank. With it’s eye-catching white backdrop providing a level of sophistication to the scene, Little Jean is the ideal place to unwind with your family or friends.

What’s on the Menu

Little Jean’s menu does its best to utilise local products from producers who undertake in sustainable and ethical practices. They’ve created their menu to reflect the product that is freshly sourced and with that, comes a delicious meal.

Their breakfast menu features a divine selection of food to kick start your day. Choose from a breakfast roll with vietnamese pork, fried egg, chilli jam and sriracha slaw, a breakfast eye fillet with risotto and chimichurri or maybe their Breakfast Greens for something a little lighter.

Their lunch and dinner menu serves up options such as sashimi salad, salmon belly or even fresh oysters. No matter the choice, you’ll be pleased with your meal.

Baby Change Facilities

Fortunately, they do have a baby change table for all your changing needs. Change rooms are in the disabled toilet outside the cafe. With that, they have a high-chair to make dining that much easier for your little one.


Based in Double Bay, this local joint captures the surrounding area and its energy. Once you’re done eating, walk to Double Bay Wharf to take in your surroundings after a scrumptious meal before heading off.


Parking can be pretty tight in Double Bay, however, street parking is available, so head there early to snap it up.


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+61 2 93280201

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