Groove Train Doncaster

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Groove Train Doncaster is located within the Westfield Shopping Mall and is a good mid-shopping dining or coffee option. A true kid-friendly location near the movie theatre which serves a range of Mediterranean inspired cuisine. A relaxing atmosphere set within the often hectic shopping mall. Enjoy some respite if the kids get restless on an extended outing at Westfield.

Now, about the menu!

Adults will enjoy menu options such as the gourmet lamb wood-fired pizza or the delightful forest mushroom risotto. The kids menu holds up well with a trusty favourite of fish and chips, plus the ever reliable spaghetti bolognese. And, every kid’s meal comes with a bowl of ice-cream and topping for dessert!

With an equally extensive breakfast menu you can get a round of scrambled eggs on toast or pancakes at a moments notice up until 11:30am.

An oasis within the Westfield

If the Westfield shopping journey gets a bit much you can down tools for a while within this roomy restaurant and be content the kids will be contained while you enjoy a cup of their own signature Groovy Press Coffee.

Out & About Baby Tip

Around peak movie times Groove Train can get busy as it is located right near the cinema, so be mindful on Thursday and Friday evenings and weekends that service might be a little slower.

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(03) 9840 6466

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