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Gardener’s Lodge is run by well know Sydney hospitality identity and teacher Beryl Van Oploo. Aunty Beryl as she is affectionately known, has long been at the forefront of modernising bush tucker. She is passionate about making bush foods accessible to new audiences just as she is about providing employment and training opportunities, particularly for Aboriginal people. Gardener’s Lodge allows her to do both.

Aunty Beryl is an inspiration to many and certainly very generous with sharing her knowledge of bush tucker. Her inclusion in the recent book ‘The Great Australian Cookbook” which celebrates food from 100 cooking talents in Australia is an impressive endorsement.

The Gardeners Lodge Café Business is 100% Indigenous owned and is Supply Nation Accredited. The Gardeners Lodge Café provides employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in a supportive environment where they can be mentored and trained effectively on site.

“It’s a dream come true to open our café in Victoria Park in one of the oldest buildings in Sydney. Our café will be entirely different to anything people have experienced before, It’s a great opportunity to make bush foods accessible to new audiences and provide employment and training opportunities, particularly for Aboriginal people.” – Auntie Beryl

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