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The Elizabeth McCrae Playground is a lovely little park in Redfern, Sydney, that is a great place to take the kids for a play in the outdoors. The playground has been newly upgraded and it definitely shows. With well thought-out play areas and plenty of shade, it is easy to see why this park has become a fast favourite for mums and bubs in the central Sydney area.


The Elizabeth McCrae Playground is in the Kepos St Park, on Kepos St in Redfern. The park is just down the road from the local strip of shops at Waterloo, so it is fairly easy to get to. Parking is the area is not too bad, especially during the day, and most of the streets around the park are 2-hour spots, so you should be fine if you’re just dropping in for an hour or so.

You can also get several public buses to the area of the park if you don’t have a car. There are bus-stops on both Phillip St and Baptist St that are right near the park, you’ll just have to walk a little bit further along to get to the park itself.


The play area at the Elizabeth McCrae playground is great, and the equipment is good for bigger and smaller kids as well. The park has a swing set, a see-saw, a large play structure, seating areas and plenty of shaded areas, including shade cloths and large trees. These are all your standard features of a park playground, but because they’ve all been updated recently at Elizabeth McCrae, they’re a lot safer for the kids to use.

The standout is definitely the sandpit area. The sand pit area, is fully covered by shade-cloth, and is big enough for several children to play in at once. What is different about the sandpit area at Elizabeth McCrae, is that there is a large decking area, that wraps around the top of the sandpit, that you can climb up to or sit on. The deck also has ‘play panels’ on the back wall of it, that the kids can interact with, like the large blackboard or the funky mirror.

The park has an ‘open lawn’ area, which is covered in grass and is exposed to direct sunlight. This is a great area for the kids to have a little run around in, or to just relax on the grass.


As mentioned, the Waterloo shops are right down the road from the park. This means that you’ll be sure to find many different kinds of food and drink down there for you and the kids. Kepos Street Kitchen café is also at the end of Kepos St and serves some really great food and drinks. The café specialises in Modern Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, so if you need a bite after you’ve been to the playground, this place is great for that.

It is also important to note, that the park doesn’t have any toilets, so keep this in mind when visiting. Although shops are just down the road that have bathrooms, it may not be ideal if you have really little children, because they may not be able to hold it. There is also a bubbler near the main entrance to the park if you need to refill your bottles on a hot day.


Something that is very unique about this park, is that the community has donated all of their old, plastic toys for the local kids to play with in the park. This a great way for these old toys to be repurposed and loved again by a new generation, and it’s another reason for people to come and visit the park. Toy donations are still welcome, so if you have some old toys to donate to the park, contact the City of Sydney Council.

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Address: 45 Kepos St, Redfern NSW 2016, Australia



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