Butcher and the Farmer

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Butcher and the Farmer is all about simple, honest and delicious food for the whole family to share.  It is a farm-to-table, produce driven, 300 seat restaurant, bar and private dining room featuring a fully restored heritage tram that the kids will love. The unique venue also features a fully integrated butchery, takeaway and providore experience.

Driven by sustainable, good food practices at every level, Butcher and the Farmer is based on a farm to plate ethos and believe that food, when grown naturally, treated with respect and allowed to develop at it’s own pace, is more delicious, nutritious and ultimately makes the world a better and richer place.

Flooded with natural light and opening onto parkland, the beautifully designed restaurant space, which includes a restored vintage tram, blends organic textures of timber, marble, tile and stone with warm natural tones.

Butcher and the Farmer also host workshops and educational programs that showcase their suppliers, producers and their products.

Open from 8am daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


The unique inner-city restaurant is an integral part of the historic Glebe Tramsheds restoration and redevelopment.

The restaurant is located at the front of the building facing the outdoor carpark.


Plenty of undercover and outdoor parking is available.

Baby Change Facilities

The baby change facilities are located at the back of Tramsheds underneath the escalators that go up to the carpark.  They are some of the best baby change rooms we have seen! Perfect to keep the routine going.


If it is raining, and you are parked undercover head back towards the front of the building and enter the restaurant from the front of Tramsheds. So do still bring an umbrella if you have a tiny baby. It’s only a brief and short dash but better safe than sorry with tiny ones.

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