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Bella Mondo Cafe is a popular meeting point for mum’s before and after school and has a great little kids playing area easily visible from the cafe tables. They serve both quick bites and generously sized, freshly prepared, cafe-style meals. Bella Mondo Cafe is a frequented by families all over the hills district in north-western Sydney.

Awesome children’s play area

The signature feature of Bella Mondo Cafe is the children’s play area. A massive chalk board set amongst a wallpaper of farm-yard scenes is a real hit. Then the boxes of toys, books and puzzles will continue to keep kids entertained on each and every visit.

Bella’s junior meals will not disappoint!

A massive selection of children’s meals are on offer and served all day such as a chicken wrap with fries, a buttermilk pancake stack with banana, chocolate and mixed berries to a simple piece of toast spread with his or her majesty’s choice of vegemite, avocado, jam, nutella, peanut butter or honey.

Out & About Baby Tip

Bella Mondo Cafe is a bit hidden, so to find it you need to park in the Coles car park on Pennant Hills Rd. The cafe is located at Thompson’s Corner in West Pennant Hills.

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02 9484 2479

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