Bathers Pavilion

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The Bathers’ Pavilion is an impressive affair in a warm setting with impeccable food and service to match the stunning view.  Situated in a striking building on Balmoral Beach, the Restaurant sits on one side of the pavilion while its sister Café is on the other.  The interior is modern, stylish and yet there is still a warmth and cosiness to it.


Open for lunch & dinner, enjoy the beautifully crafted menu and wine list of the restaurant that shares a close relationship with seasons and changes accordingly.

The emphasis is on fresh produce grown by small producers. The extensive wine list includes a great choice of Australian and imported wines, both current and older vintages.


Sit down on the comfy couches, sit side by side at one of the oval tables at the wide, wide windows, crowd cosily with friends into one of the booths and gaze out through the heads.  The Café’s great food and drink choices for all occasions from breakfast to cocktails are equally enjoyable as its surroundings.

Open all day, everyday, for breakfast, lunch and dinner or something light in-between. The Café serves Mediterranean style food in a casual atmosphere with so much to see and choose from.

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