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July 7, 2020

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Stop me if you’ve said this in the last 4 weeks…. “I just want to cry”

After having just gotten off a work call my brain was ticking through follow-up items, adding to a long list of untouched to-dos. Meanwhile, we are all multitasking an onslaught of work questions while also trying to manage “homeschooling” — even though they often refuse to participate. Our “high functioning” tendencies are going into overdrive. There is no question that this is hard. Hard on your kids. Hard on your relationship. Hard on you.

Looking after yourself has always been at the core of MUMOKI. But as a mother in isolation with your family, self care moments can sometimes be fleeting. So here are some back-to-basics self care resources and tips you can implement at home while in isolation for varying times and budgets.


We will try to keep this list up to date and refresh it regularly.

If you want to add an idea to this list send us an email to hello@mumoki.com


self care for mothers



  1. Watch all the best vintage Jennifer Anniston movies you can get your hands on: Including but not limited to Picture Perfect, Along Came Polly, The Object of My Affection, The Breakup, Just Go With It, Horrible Bosses and We’re The Millers.
  2. Do a virtual Barre Class in your lounge room: This 40 min class here is free
  3. Try scheduling your day tomorrow, today: And pencil in something for you to look forward to
  4. Light a good candle
  5. Go for a run/walk: Maybe go for a walk with the aim to build up to running. That works too.
  6. Learn from the Masters: Download the Masterclass app (annual subscription needed) and learn something new each week. So far I’ve done the Kelly Wearstler and Anna Wintor classes and my husband has done one on cooking meat from his BBQ hero.
  7. Wear something other than your activewear or trackies
  8. Wear some nice earrings: even if you are wearing trackies.
  9. Meditate: Headspace, Mindology or Buddify are all great apps to help guide you
  10. Join the movement and Dance: Sydney Dance Company run virtual dance classes for you to do at home! All levels and all styles.
  11. Commit 100 days to creativity with this project: Here’s a free, global art project where you commit to 100 days of making (you can do anything at all!) and sharing your progress online.
  12. Restyle your bedroom: Or any space in your home. Take inspo from Steve Cordony here.
  13. Mix up your coffee routine: Iced Latte anyone? Watch ‘Bradbucks‘ for some hilarious inspo.
  14. Control your news intake: Be super selective with the information you choose to let into your house.
  15. Make a smoothie bowl full of healthy fruits and veggies: The goal is to make it as colourful as possible.
  16. Set an alarm for your lunch break.
  17. Set aside at least 30 mins a day for no screen time: Working at home to staying at home has got us glued to our screens. Try giving yourself 30 mins of screen-free time a day by trying a different activity. Spend 30 mins reading, tidying up your new desk space, working on a puzzle, cooking a meal, or stretching. Just leave all screens out!
  18. Watch Lizzo lead a group meditation: Because we could all use lifted spirits and an opportunity to recenter right now.
  19. Get your spa on: Exfoliate and do a face mask
  20. Order some new books and read: There are some really good fiction recommendations here
  21. Pick a new show to watch: Great recommendations for something new to stream here
  22. Write a letter to a friend
  23. Watch a silent art gallery come to life: This electrifying arrangement of music and art took place only days after the Art Gallery of NSW closed to the public.
  24. Bust out the board games: Put the kids to bed and get competitive with your partner.
  25. Take a bath
  26. Make your bed
  27. Clean out your wardrobe
  28. Set the table and use the good stuff
  29. Make yourself a cup of tea in a really fancy tea set 
  30. Find a new Spotify playlist and dance around the kitchen: your kids don’t need to be in the same room to justify this.
  31. Give yourself a face massage: Break out your fancy skin oils and get deep to encourage circulation.

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