What is Mumoki?

It all started in 2015 with our search for clean baby change rooms in locations that served really good coffee and avocado on toast. For the answer, we travelled far and wide, drank a lot of coffee, changed a lot of nappies, breastfed in strange places and talked endlessly to our mothers’ group.

On any given day, we are discovering, reviewing and approving the best of the best when it comes to going out with your children.

But as our children have grown and changed, so too has the business. So beyond just a directory to get out & about, our mission has become to cultivate a more meaningful community in an increasingly lonely and stressful world.

Enter Mumoki…

We can tell you 101 uses for baby wipes and tell you the difference between a Baby Bjorn and an Ergo Baby. We take our kids everywhere and aren’t ashamed to do so.

But we can also tell you first hand how challenging it can be to adjust to the demands of being a new parent. With mental health issues rising and rates of loneliness increasing in a society that’s “always on,” we believe that taking a break and cultivating friendships is a crucial part of what wellness means for parents, whether that means getting in some “me time” with a good book or rounding up friends for a fun girls’ night out.

How does it work?

Mumoki creates free content for our users in the form of expertly written resources around the topics of motherhood, self-care, mental health, food, style, and money. In addition to this we also curate a directory of parent reviewed family friendly cafes, restaurants, parks, hotels and shopping centres. The directory underpins our overall philosophy that we believe your family is at its best, when you are at your best. And practicing a little self-care, by getting out and about with friends and family when possible is essential for mental health.

Enter in your search requirements – for example, you might want to see all the baby friendly café’s in Balmain, NSW, Australia that have high chairs, a kids menu and clean baby change facilities. And bam! We will fill your feed with the latest and greatest of what Balmain has to offer.

How much does it cost?

MUMOKI is free to use for our audience.

If you would like to advertise or have a business you would like to add to our directory click here for more info or email us at business@mumoki.com

Why should I write a review?

We are all going through this crazy ride of motherhood together. Help other family’s make informed decisions about where to take their little ones and eliminate the stress of getting out and about.

Add more reviews, earn more points. Earn more points, receive more badges!

Why should I write a review?

Earn points, accumulate badges, receive rewards.

  • Complete your profile = 5 points
  • Add a review = 5 points
  • Add a new location = 10 points


  • 0 – 12 points = Newbie
  • 13 – 50 points = Survivor
  • 50 – 99 points = Power User
  • 100+ points = Super User


Zoomed past Newbie and Survivor status and hitting the upper levels of a Power User? Well done! Huge virtual high five to you. Once you reach over 100 points you will be officially crowned a “Super” (like what Elle McPherson is to models, Ironman is to heroes and what you are to parenting). It’s the ultimate status.

You may also note some users with a “Founding Member Badge”. These are the people who were with us from the beginning, helped us along the way, and contributed to starting Out & About Baby. These badges are only awarded by the MUMOKI team (which makes them even more special to us and we love them for ever and ever and always).

Can you explain the star ratings on Mumoki directory?

Every review comes with a star rating in 4 categories: Privacy, Hygiene, Accessibility and Atmosphere

  • Privacy: If you would prefer to sit down in private while you feed you little one, either in your own private room, or somewhere that is a bit out of the way and more quiet.
  • Hygiene: Baby change rooms can be smelly places… So ask yourself, how often is it cleaned? Do you feel like you need to update your child’s immunisation schedule after visiting? We hope not.
  • Accessibility: We have prams here people! Can you fit? Ramps or stairs?
  • Atmosphere: Fun, relaxed, beautifully designed but with no breakable items within reach. tick, tick, tick.

What cities are you in?

What city do you want us in? We started in Sydney but the opportunities are limitless. Keep your eyes peeled on the directory for new locations in new areas added every day.

When are you coming to my city?

If you are interested in seeing your city on the site, then send us an email at hello@mumoki.com or set up a profile and start adding your favourite locations in your city today!

Why am I not receiving my newletter?

Please check your spam or junk folder. If it’s not there it might be blocked. To unblock, please find a previous newsletter email, unsubscribe from the footer and then resubscribe. To ensure delivery, please add newsletter@mumoki.com to your contacts.

In case the newsletter lands in your spam folder or junk folder, you will need to find it and mark that it is “not spam.”

If you are a Gmail user, check your “Promotions” tab.

How do I change my email address for receiving newsletter?

At the bottom of every email you have the option to “Manage Preferences.” Please use this option if you want future newsletters delivered to a different email address. You can also edit your email address in your user dashboard.

How do I unsubscribe?

You can use the link at the bottom of every email.

Editorial policy

MUMOKI brings readers fair and accurate information about the places, items and concepts we love. Your trust is very important to us.

The information shared on our blog is purely editorial. Every post is written by MUMOKI Editors and features places, items, and concepts that we love and believe in, meaning that we believe they are worthy of your time, energy, and money.

On occasion, we receive a preferential editorial rate or a free experience as part of the review process. This in no way impacts our decision about coverage: It will only be included in a story if it is worthy and ultimately, MUMOKI approved. We will never suggest or recommend sub-par experiences.

Product Collaborations

It is part of MUMOKI’s DNA to collaborate with brands and businesses we love on exclusive or other products we think are perfect for our audience. These partnerships are an essential part of MUMOKI. Nobody can pay to collaborate with MUMOKI — these partnerships are driven purely by our desire to work with a brand or business.


On the rare occasion when MUMOKI works with a brand to bring you a unique sponsored post (where we do get paid by the sponsor for being featured) we will always tell you. Please note that we will only allow brands that we like and trust to sponsor an story, and the content will always be our own (sponsors don’t write MUMOKI stories, we do). Paid or sponsored links which are embedded in our editorial content will always be clearly identified as such.

Why should my brand work with Mumoki?

When you work with us, you can get your business in front of thousands of Millennial mums in your city and beyond, who are hungry and ready to explore.

We help you grow your business in three major ways:

  • Attract new customers
  • Develop and inspire loyalty
  • Partnering for success

For further information please click here.

What kind of marketing do you do?

We succeed when you do – so we invest in making you shine. Once you launch with us, you can expect to be included in everything from large customer-facing brand campaigns to emails to our database, to snackable social posts and editorial posts.