A food safari, a toddler, and me

For the Out & About Baby team, amazing food experiences are the new black.  We’re always on the hunt for the best eats, be it a night out at a Michelin-starred restaurant (eherm, maybe in my past life), a hole-in-the-wall taqueria, or an epic shopping centre find. No destination is out of bounds if it means an incredible, yet fun and family friendly meal is in our future.

However, gone are the days of fine dining and a leisurely cocktail hour. With a toddler and newborn in tow, our requirements (like our choice in footwear) has shifted slightly and dining out is now more about convenience and being fast and affordable.  That’s why last week, we visited Broadway Sydney, the shopping centre in the heart of the Sydney CBD, taking on the family food scene one culinary genre at a time.

Honestly, if you ate every meal here, every day, for one week you still wouldn’t run out of options. i.e. quite simply, you will never want to cook again.

Whether it’s gourmet appetisers, fancy drinks with tiny umbrellas, or something fast and fried, Broadway Sydney is a foodie destination worthy of a food safari.

So that’s exactly what we did!!!!

We started our food safari at 6pm and we were in and out and done and dusted in 2 hours. Now that may seem like a long time when you are eating out with a toddler, but the change in scenery, tastes and textures meant there was lots of fun and entertainment to be had.

Broadway Sydney Food Bondi Pizza Out & About Baby

The Beaches of Bondi:

When we arrived at Broadway, we started our food safari at little closer to home with cocktails and nibbles from Bondi Pizza.  Fun, fast and fresh, we highly recommend the Lychee Mocktail with mint, lime and a dash of lemonade to satisfy even the strictest of breastfeeding Mumma’s.

Broadway Sydney Food. Out & About Baby. Bondi Pizza Broadway Family Friendly Restaurants


The Backstreets of Hong Kong:

Broadway Sydney Food Din Tai Fung Out & About Baby

Olivia (aka the toddler) wears dress from Kmart, jacket from H&M, shoes from Seed. Josh (aka the baby) wears onesie from Kmart. All available from Broadway Sydney.

Once described as the “world’s tastiest dumpling”, it may seem strange that there is such an art to making and eating something no bigger than the average mouthful. But that’s where Din Tai Fung stands apart. Every pork dumpling pastry is delicately hand made to measure between precisely 4.8 and 5.2 grams at conception, before being filled to weigh between 20.8 and 21.2 grams. All this and the promise that the pork dumplings are made fresh in front of your eyes, steamed in exactly three minutes and on your table in seconds – the kids will love it.

Broadway Sydney Food. Out & About Baby. Family Friendly restaurants sydney

Josh (aka the baby) wears onesie from Kmart. Peter (aka Dad) wears shirt from Just Jeans. All available from Broadway Sydney.


The Burgers of the Big Apple:

Broadway Sydney Burger Project Out & About Baby

If you love fast food but are after more slow food values, then the Burger Project is the place for you. Located on the lower ground floor, you enter the restaurant from the street – which I’m sure I’ll figure out a fitting pun for later. Something about being on the ground floor and getting back to burger basics. Just the good stuff only i.e. there is a clear focus on freshness and quality here.

Broadway Sydney. Out & About Baby. Burger Project Broadway

There are no hormones and no antibiotics, just happy, healthy cows. The beef is ground in-house to make the patties, crisp lettuces are leaved and washed, sweet tomatoes and juicy onions are sliced, cucumbers are pickled, and of course the secret ingredient for a great burger, the secret sauce.

Broadway Sydney. Out & About Baby. Burger Project Broadway

Danielle (aka Mummy) wears top by French Connection and Jeans by H&M at Broadway Sydney

A particular standout here was how fantastic the staff were. Service with a smile when you have a toddler ranks high on the Out & About Baby list and the service we received from our server Kelly was outstanding. No crazy toddler food requirement was too strange, and no spilt milk was stressed about.


The sweet treats of Europe:

Broadway Sydney Passiontree Velvet Out & About Baby

Danielle (aka Mummy) wears earrings by Collette by Collette Hayman at Broadway Sydney

For dessert and coffee, we headed to Passiontree Velvet.  Inspired by the traditional tea houses of England and fine European patisseries, Passiontree Velvet offers a modern-day twist to a world of edible luxury. It’s the perfect place to indulge your late night sweet tooth and the brightly coloured macaroons will impress and delight even the grumpiest of 2-year olds.

Broadway Sydney. Out & About Baby. Passiontree Velvet

You will also be happy to know that it is located right near the excellent baby change facilities so it’s really easy if you need a quick change and they contain multiple private feeding rooms, a safe play area, a TV, microwave, kid size toilets and nappy change bays.


Visiting Broadway Sydney

Broadway Sydney Out & About Baby

Danielle wears backpack by Collette by Collette Hayman at Broadway Sydney.

As one of Sydney’s busiest shopping centres, located just 1km from the CBD, Broadway is easily accessible by car, bus or train. Hop off the train at Central or a bus along Parramatta Road.

There is free parking for visits under 2 hours and after 6pm parking is free. There are also plenty of designated spaces for parents with prams.  More info here.



Thanks to Broadway Sydney for having us for our food safari extravaganza.

Thanks to Danielle, Peter, Olivia and Josh for being such gorgeous people and amazing members.

Photography by Jade Warne aka Hipster Mum.

Styling by Dan & Dani at Designer Style List

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