Drinking coffee makes you live longer

May 26, 2021

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Parents rejoice! This might just be the best news we’ve heard all day.

Want to live longer? Well, those multiple cups of coffee after a long sleepless night might actually be doing you good.

Do a basic web search on “the health benefits of coffee,” and you will find somewhere in the range of ten million hits. Do the same search on “coffee’s harmful effects,” and you will find just as many cautionary tales.

BUT! We have found a scientific study to justify what we were hoping all along. And we do what science says.

Two studies released via the Annals of Internal Medicine have found coffee may reduce the risks of liver disease, circulatory issues and other diseases of the digestive system — all in all reducing the risk of an early death.

Both studies have been tracking people for the last 16 years over 10 European countries, seeing how the effect of coffee influenced someone’s chance of living longer.

Both studies found that participants with the highest level of coffee consumption had a significantly reduced chance of all-cause death compared to those who drank less: about 18% for males and 8% for females.

And elsewhere on the web (read: GOOP) another interview with a very smart doctor confirms that coffee is packed with free-radical-fighting antioxidants and can improve brain function, particularly if you pair it with healthy fats to curb the jitters. She does mention a few downsides too but let’s not dwell on that at the moment. We are parents after all. Whatever works right?

So the coffee is good…. the lack of sleep on the other hand – probably not so much.

However, the good stuff isn’t in the caffeine, but rather the powerful antioxidants within the coffee bean, which are sometimes also found in chocolate….and wine… but then I may be making that last bit up.   It wasn’t in the study but I’d really like to believe it.

So don’t mind us, we’ll be over here with our third cup for the day and a packet of tim tams.

So, now you’re wondering, “where should I be getting coffee next?” Well, luckily for you, we’ve gone through and found 3 locations that are just perfect for you to enjoy a nice cuppa.

1) The Alchemist Espresso: Sydney 

So what does an Alchemist have to do with coffee? Well, the word “Alchemist” is actually a reference to the current owner, who was previously a scientist…. and they really are turning coffee into a science.

This small, family-owned business not only welcomes furry friends, but they have a good understanding and appreciation of families and mums. They’re a loving bunch that really empathise with mothers and their kids and that puts them high on our list.

But, is the food and coffee actually any good? Absolutely! Pulled pork burgers and smashed AVO are just some of the delicious meals they offer. Their coffee is definitely above standard and with plenty of pram space, you’ll be welcome anytime.

2) St. Ali Cafe: Melbourne

For all of you in Melbourne, this one is for you. St. Ali Cafe is next on our list for a great place to knock down some much-needed coffee. Hidden away in a converted warehouse, St. Ali Cafe is a hidden treasure. However, despite its location awkwardness, you’ll find many taking the trouble to find a seat. For good reason too. With one of their baristas crowned the very best in Australia, their coffees come out perfect, every single time. Not only that, if you’re into impressive latte art, they’ve got you covered with their impressive designs that are definitely Instagram worthy.

It’s not only the coffee that is highly praised, it’s their food. With their unique avocado scotched egg (A slow egg cooked inside an avocado) or maple quinoa pudding, you’ll be able to enjoy a delicious meal alongside your much-needed caffeine hit.

3) Three Blue Ducks: Sydney, Byron Bay and Brisbane

Bringing it back to Sydney, Three Blue Ducks Bronte, rounds out our list for the Top 3 places to get your coffee fix with kids. This beachside cafe truly brings a wholesome and unpretentious feel to Bronte and really rounds out Sydney’s East. They bring a refreshing sense of honesty to the local cafe scene by buying local and ethically farmed produce, perfect for those of you that are conscious consumers.

Now, whilst the location and atmosphere is impressive, how’s the food and coffee? Well, trust us when we say it draws a crowd. Their local favourite scrambled eggs with black sausage is great for any situation and coupled with their Single O coffees or Vietnamese Pancakes with sweet soy mushrooms, you can’t go wrong! Did I also mention that Masterchef winner, Andy Allen, is at the helm of the kitchen?

With so many incentives, you’ll have trouble leaving. They also have sister locations in Rosebery, Byron Bay and recently opened in Brisbane.


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