What Jessica Alba and other celebrity mums always pack for a family holiday

May 27, 2021

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Packing for a family holiday can be a challenge. At best, with a little bit of preplanning, you can arrange for everything to be delivered to your hotel prior to arrival – port-a-cot and all. At worst, you will have to fill an entire suitcase just with nappies.

To say that these celebrity mums have a busy #mumlife schedule would be an understatement. Dividing their working hours between backlots and boardrooms with beauty and fashion businesses, acting, modelling and travelling most of the year is what makes these celebrity mums an authority on the subject.

Here’s how they travel with the family and notes on what they pack to build the perfect (kid-friendly) carry-on.

Jessica Alba:

Jessica Alba travel tips


The actress and founder of Honest on what to pack for a seamless family travel experience.

On her Luggage of choice:

“I take a lot of quick day trips for work, and if I’m going to a business conference, my girls often tag along because I like to expose them to that atmosphere. I’m a huge fan of the Away luggage because they have a built-in battery—you can plug in and charge all of your devices while you’re waiting at the airport. The girls also have their own bags, and love the ones from Emily & Meritt because they feel fashion-forward, have big wheels so they are simple to maneuver, and easily store coloring books, blankets, and a spare outfit. I’ve learned over the years to even pack one for myself because crazy spills and accidents can happen on a flight.

On Long-Haul Lifesavers:

“We always have coconut water in our bags because it’s hydrating and feels like a treat but isn’t packed with sugar; the girls usually drink it right as we’re taking off and landing. For longer or overnight flights, I also always carry the Nurse Jamie pillow, which is great for plane snoozing because it’s made from a memory foam that minimizes waking up with those sleep crinkles around your eyes. Also, whenever I’m in New York, I’ll pop into Joanna Vargas for a facial and pick up some of her eye masks and hydrating face masks. I’ll slip both on during the flight. To help the girls avoid jet lag if we’re on a long-haul flight to Europe or Asia, I try to get them to stay awake throughout the day after landing—maybe a nap in the car from the airport but that’s it. It’s much better to just have a really early night and wake up refreshed.

“I (also recently) read that pregnant women can get blood clots when they’re traveling—when they’re in a place for too long—so that opened my mind to circulation socks. I always have them now [when I travel].”

On snacking as a family

You know, I’m not good with that.” [Laughs] “My friend always travels with seaweed snacks and graham crackers and I always steal her food. I only bring food for my kids! Roasted almonds, seaweed snacks, applesauce in the squeezy tube…things like that.”

Robyn Lawley:

Robyn Lawley travel tips


The Australian Sports Illustrated supermodel and swimwear designer on travelling light with a family and her style that keeps it casual.

On packing light:
“I know you’ll want to take everything including the kitchen sink, but don’t. My partner and I came to New York this week with our daughter, and we didn’t bring our stroller—we wanted to so badly, but things like strollers add heavy wait times at the gate, and not to mention, you have to bring all the stuff and carry it around a city—so you want to aim light. Your daughter or son doesn’t need that many outfits, that many diapers—you’ve just got to keep it to a bare minimum. Even toys—I used to bring plush toys for her, and then I was like “what am I doing? What’s the point? She’ll find a pillow fun at this age.” So you’ve just got to think about that.”

Robyn Lawley on her travel beauty routine:
“My beauty routine is the same as at home as it is when I’m traveling. It’s super easy—coconut oil to take my makeup off. I can get it anywhere, which is a good thing because I often forget it. So I can just go to Whole Foods and pick up some coconut oil, or even sachets of it. Always take your makeup off. It’s hard—sometimes I struggle when I’m really tired after work. I use coconut oil with a hot towel and just kind of put it on, steam my face, and that seems to keep my skin pretty clear.

Then, for planes, because it’s so drying, you want something really rich on your face to keep the moisture in. I use Dr. Hauschka Rose Cream, and it’s organic, too, if you like that kind of stuff. Also, I use SK-II for a treatment or a mask on the plane because sometimes my skin is super dry. And then of course, I always wear sunscreen. As a model, I’m always working, so I usually bring my body products for tanning, because I’m a swimwear model and we always have to be tan all year ‘round, which is virtually impossible, so I often bring fake tanners. I love J Bronze—it’s like a shimmer, but a tanner as well—it’s a little bit of a colour. I also take a lot of eye drops on planes, because my eyes are just like, argh.”


Gwyneth Paltrow:

Gwyneth Paltrow


She’s an Entrepreneur and an Oscar Winning Actress, and quite frankly the object of many #girlcrush moments. So when this mum of 2 talks about parenting and travelling with kids, we listen.

Gwyneth Paltrow on keeping kids entertained:
“Keeping them entertained is important. I pack games like UNO and Battleship. And the iPad is essential! On the plane, they can play all the games and watch as many shows as they want.”

On getting some peace and quiet:
The Bose noise-canceling headphones reduce unwanted ambient background noise, so you can hear what you want and silence the rest. I’ve fallen asleep with these things on many times.”

On her favourite places to travel with family:
“I love going to Mexico. There’s a resort there called Cuixmala that’s incredible for kids. But the best vacation I’ve ever taken was with my kids to Indonesia. We stayed at a resort in Bali and then slept on a wooden boat for three or four nights and also hiked with the Komodo dragons. It was a magical trip”.


Miranda Kerr:

Miranda Kerr travel tips


Miranda Kerr travels for work “at least once every 10 days” and it’s her business to make it look effortless.

On her secret to a stress-free journey:
“Preparation, especially if you’re travelling with a child. Other than that, an eye mask, warm socks and a good book.”

On packing for every season:
“After all these years I still haven’t managed to master travelling as light as I’d like. I’m one of those people who likes to pack for any eventuality, especially given I’m generally visiting several different countries on each trip, with varying weather. And because I’ve had my luggage lost so many times I like to pack essentials in my carry-on, too: a blazer, fresh blouse, underwear, ballet flats, high-waisted jeans, make-up bag, sunglasses and vitamins”.

On staying healthy while travelling:
“I travel with my vitamins, a skipping rope and resistance bands, and I exercise where and when possible. Also, I avoid carbonated and alcoholic drinks when flying and stick to water.”


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