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It’s ok to be a mess sometimes

It’s ok to be a mess sometimes 🙏🏼💕✨ I think everyone at the moment has been going through some major ups and downs lately. Going from extreme happiness and gratitude to being pretty low and down in the dumps. Anyone else embracing their ugly cry...

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MUMOKI Moment #24

“Becoming a mother gives you so much more strength than you thought you had, you learn that you’re actually more capable than ever.” – Emily Blunt   Choose your moments, words, and time wisely. I have been making a real effort not to spend too...

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mumoki moment 23 motherhood

Mumoki Moment #23

This is your reminder to rest, take a safe walk outside and catch up with a friend online.   I read a collection of essays recently in the NY Times that beautifully illustrates all the ways motherhood changes us — our instincts, our fears, our...

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Mumoki Moment #22

Make it a practice to say out loud something you are grateful for every day.   One of the secrets to life – at least in my family – is having something to look forward to. The simple joy of having a date circled on...

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All those impossibly bad days? You got through them. Give yourself credit where it’s due. You will get through this too. I woke up this morning, got out of bed, drank my coffee, sat on the couch. Picked up the toys. Same as the last...

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Self care things you can do for yourself while in isolation

I want to take care of myself

Stop me if you’ve said this in the last 4 weeks…. “I just want to cry” After having just gotten off a work call my brain was ticking through follow-up items, adding to a long list of untouched to-dos. Meanwhile, we are all multitasking an...

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things to do at home with kids while in isolation

I want to entertain my kids at home

Whether you’re choosing to self-isolate due to Coronavirus or simply have no choice, you might be looking for some fun ideas of things you can do with the kids that doesn’t just involve screens. Of course, your kids’ health and safety is paramount, but keeping...

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low effort delicious banana bread recipe

The best low effort banana bread recipe

Got bananas sitting on your bench that you know you should use up but want to put in the least amount of effort possible? This is the banana bread recipe you need. It’s also simple to get the kids involved (they will love the mashing...

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