low effort delicious banana bread recipe
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The best low effort banana bread recipe

Got bananas sitting on your bench that you know you should use up but want to put in the least amount of effort possible? This is the banana bread recipe you need. It’s also simple to get the kids involved (they will love the mashing...

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MUMOKI Moment #20

“Don’t postpone joy until you have learned all of your lessons. Joy is your lesson.” — Alan Cohen   I’ve taken some time out and gone offline for a few weeks.  I leaned in to my OCD tendencies and cleaned the house… a lot. I...

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closing the gap and returning to work after having a baby

The future of work for Australian Parents

Over the last 100 years parenting has changed almost beyond recognition. Supporting working parents is definitely shifting from a nice-to-do to a must-do. And the reasons go beyond just caring for kids. According to the National Working Families Report, two thirds of working parents are...

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MUMOKI Moment #19

Pay attention to who you are with when you feel your best.   When was the last time you had a night off? Stop me if you identify with any of the below: 1. You now associate alone time with locking yourself in the bathroom....

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MUMOKI Moment #18

Relax your shoulders, unclench your jaw, and take a deep breath. Sometimes letting go of physical stress can ease mental stress.   I’ve been thinking a lot about time lately. And how I can find more of it. There is so much I want to...

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top baby names for 2020

The top baby name trends for the next decade

A new year brings many things with it, including a brand-new crop of baby name trends. From celebrity-inspired monikers and Game of Thrones homages, to royal copycats and a rise in unisex options, the trends dictating the baby names of the year (and decade!) ahead are plentiful. Below...

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MUMOKI Moment #17

All those impossibly bad days? You got through them. Give yourself credit where it’s due.   It’s hard to think of anything in Australia right now except for the fires. It truely just feels shallow and selfish to talk about shopping or what to cook...

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audiobooks and podcasts for kids

The best podcasts for kids

School holidays are here again and if you’re looking for ways to keep smart kids engaged and happy, without relying on a screen, podcasts and audiobooks are an excellent alternative – especially when you are staring down the highway of a long family road trip...

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