Your definitive guide to parenting tech: all the websites and apps you need as a new mum

May 26, 2021

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Having a child changes everything, including a parent’s relationship with technology. And while the mission of parenting may be timeless, the journey is different to what it used to be. Families come in all different shapes and sizes, Mums are choosing to have children at later ages, and dads are more involved than ever in raising children. Mobile phones have become a lifeline to managing schedules, and sharing kids’ key milestones. Importantly mobile phones can also help you make better and more informed purchasing decisions. You can get opinions, price comparisons and reviews quickly and easily all before handing over any cash.  But with all this information available, sometimes it can be overwhelming to find the right technology for your needs (There are 2.2 million iPhone apps alone!!!)).

So to help clear up any confusion, we have complied an updated list of the top 10 Apps and websites for new parents with all the technology you will need…. at least until the new version of the iphone is released again. 😉

Top 10 apps and websites
for new parents

1. Headspace

The Headspace App is doing for meditation, what Jamie Olivier did for food.  Making it fast and simple. I started meditating when I was 10 weeks pregnant and it is the single most effective tool that I have to help deal with stress, tantrums and lack of sleep as a parent. Headspace takes away the hocus pocus that often comes with mediation and makes it easy (or easier) to navigate and to incorporate into everyday.

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2. WotBaby

Why won’t my baby sleep? Is this normal? Ummmm yes probably, but wouldn’t you prefer to have someone who actually knows what they are talking about on hand and in your pocket 24/7?  The creator of WotBaby, Jen Hamilton, used to be a Karitane and Tresillian nurse and puts 27 years of understanding, experience and knowledge into this handy little pocket guide for new parents.


3. Mums & Co 

A handy website with specials, deals, perks and a concierge service to help you on your journey through motherhood and running a business easier.  Sign up for a membership to receive discounts on phone bills, last minute childcare, insurance, party planning and more.   Also full of great resources if you are at the ‘return to work’ phase of life.

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4. Wonder Weeks

With a book by the same name, the Wonder Weeks app helps you keep track of your baby’s developmental progress week by week. Get a better understanding of what brain development is occurring when, and why some weeks your baby is fussy, sleeps poorly or eats less.


5. Save the date to vaccinate 

A free app to download that sends you reminders when you need to take your child in for the next round of injections.  An essential tool for sleep deprived mums.


6. Feed Safe 

Still breastfeeding but would love a glass of wine when you are out at dinner or at an event? The Feed Safe app tells you when you are safe to feed again after a wine.


7. ABC KIDS iView

It’s amazing how many parents haven’t heard of ABC KIDS iView, a video on demand app for preschoolers brought to you by the ABC. All the content is free with no ads, and familiar to any child who watches the channel. Perfect for entertaining older siblings during feeding snuggles.



Duh…We might be slightly biased but it needs to be said. MUMOKI lets you search a mobile directory of reviews and recommendations of the best family friendly cafes, parks, play centres, hotels and more to help you enjoy the experience of going out with your kids. Think of it as your little black book of places to keep you sane, with tried and tested information from the most trusted source – other mums. We got your back!


9. The Australian Breastfeeding Association

Breastfeeding is recognised as important by all Australians and is culturally normal. The ABA provides support to mums, training, education, and resources that are essential for mums struggling with the process.


10. Rockabye Baby on Spotify

The cool songs you know and love by your favourite artists, turned into soft lullabies that calm even the crankiest of bubs. Think Beyoncé, Coldplay and even Prince and The Rolling Stones.


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